Trust the Journey, Trust Yourself

I talk a lot about “The Journey”. You might even say I’m obsessed, and you would be absolutely right. Our life is a journey! And I am obsessed with making the most of mine, and helping others do the same. As we go through life we are must pass through different stages, taking paths we might have never expected, and that can be scary. We have this goal in mind, this place we want our journey to take us, so we do everything we can to try and get there, so we might feel tempted to try to force ourselves down the path we think we should be on, even if it’s not the correct path to take. This causes stress, anxiety, frustration, confusion, and lots of worrying. It’s too hard to let go and trust.

But what if we did let go?

 What if we trusted the journey, trusted ourselves, and just went along with it?

That my, friends, is when the magic happens!

There is a plan for you. Take that in. Say it to yourself a few times. Accept it. There is something that is planned for you. God, or whatever your higher power may be, has a path for you to follow. You just need to let go and trust that! It’s hard, it’s scary, but it’s necessary to find happiness.

You also need to trust in yourself. You are a smart, strong, intuitive being with feelings and intuition, trust yourself! If something seems wrong, get rid of it. When something feels right- deep down in your core, embrace it!! You know the feelings I’m talking about. It’s like how I feel about becoming a yoga teacher. There are certainly risks it might not work out. But I feel the need to do it all the way to my soul!! What do I have to lose if it doesn’t work out? A little money? Wasted time? But if it works out, what do I have to gain? A lifetime full of doing something I love, spreading a message I am passionate about, and helping others the way I have been helped through finding yoga. If I could gain all those things in my life and I don’t even try for it?

Your happiness always deserves to be in the front of your mind. Clearly it’s not the only thing that should go into your decisions, but it is something you should always consider and strive for!

Trust in your journey and yourself to live a happy, stress-free life!

And just think of the adventure you will be allowing into your life! How exciting! Give up the stressing and worrying and forcing it to happen a certain way, and then watch the magic and beauty unfold. If you force a flower open, you pull off the petals and ruin it. When you just let it do its thing and take its journey, it blooms into a beautiful piece of life. The flower doesn’t fight it, it doesn’t try to not bloom, but instead trusts that what is meant to happen will, and so it blooms beautifully! Let yourself bloom and your life unfold, like a blossoming flower. Don’t ruin the journey by worrying about things that are out of your control and stressing over every coming moment. Don’t let the worry over the end-point pluck your beautiful petals and keep you from enjoying the ride!

Of course it’s easy for me to sit here and tell you not to worry and to always reach for your dreams because I’m not the one living your life. It’s totally normal to be hesitant.  It’s totally normal to feel unsure or lost, for you are not meant to know every detail of the journey. I worry. I stress. And I’m the one telling you not to! Uncertainty and fear are totally normal and helps keep you more aware of your intuition. You have to pay more attention to your body’s responses and feelings when you aren’t sure of what’s to come. It’s not your job to know, it’s just your job to live. Our journey is like a river flowing. If we create dams- or unneeded stresses and obstacles- we cannot flow. This will cause unhappiness, resentment and regret.

Did I motivate and inspire you? Can you take the challenge of trusting?

How do we do it?

Let me leave you with some advice.

Stay present and mindful. Take in each and every moment and capture it in your soul. Absorb it into your DNA. Appreciate every ray of sunshine and every single second of happiness. That will make it easier when we do hit those rough spots where we fall and need to try again, because it will happen. The journey is about progress, and sometimes that progress is making a wrong turn on the path and learning from it. As long as you can find something to take from it and it can help you move forward, setbacks can be part of progress!

Try your hardest not to settle. Settling creates resentment. Resentment will create so much negativity in your life, so if your job is just ok but there is something out there you feel strongly about, try not to settle. Exhaust every option you can think of to let you follow your souls desire. Do not ever let someone make you feel bad for pursuing what makes you happy. You should never be ashamed of wanting to be happy. It is not selfish.

Now please. I encourage you to really challenge yourself to trust. Trust yourself, your higher power, trust your journey! I would love if you would drop back in and let me know how it is going for you. I’d love to know if you are feeling the exhilaration that comes with letting go and trusting. It will blow you away!

Namaste my friends! May peace, love, and light accompany you always! ??❤️

8 thoughts on “Trust the Journey, Trust Yourself”

  1. I’ve been working on. Wing more mindful of the journey for many years. The longer I work, the more intentional I become and the more peaceful and content I am. Great post!

  2. “When you force a flower open, you pull off the petals and ruin it” So wise and so true!

    I can really relate to this post in many ways! People are always asking me about the destination, but what I learned recently that it is not about the outcome, it’s the journey that matters. Once I learned to detach myself from the outcome of whatever path I am pursuing, the ability to just let things be and trust that things will go the way it’s meant to go was so much easier to accept

    1. You are so right! It’s important to stop focusing so much on the end point that we forget about all that happens to get us there! That’s where the real journey lies! I’m so glad you enjoyed this post! ??❤️

  3. I love the idea of not settling. I never thought about it breeding resentment, but that’s a great point. Keep up the great work here and live unstoppable!

  4. A very inspiring and positive post! Trusting in that inner voice was something I once struggled with myself and I understand how disconnected it feels. Thank you for sharing this.

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