Hey y'all! I'm Beth Dyer

I am here to help you sprinkle a little *Yoga Magic* into your everyday life!

Think of me as your Yogini Fairy Godmama {Bear Yogini} ๐Ÿ˜‰

Let's be real for a second, shall we? Life does NOT take it easy on us!

We will never stop the stresses of life- it just isn't possible. But what IS possible, is learning to control your thoughts, feelings, and actions during those times, and seeing how to use them to grow and shine brighter! Ever heard the saying, "No muck, no lotus?"

How many times a day do we say to ourselves, "If i just try a little harder-or plan a little more, or think about myself a little less- I'll get all this craziness under control!"? And then we do-we try harder and harder, we plan more and more, we care for ourselves less and less- and how often does it lead to less stress or more control?
I'm guessing you answered, "never"...

Truth is, we will never eliminate the chaos and stress of life. If anything, the chaos and stress only gets packed on by new pressures from society, changing life-situations, orย  the demands of never-ending to-do lists. But don't let this fact discourage you! There is something we can do!

Here is what we can control and eliminate- we can learn to control our bodies and minds, and therefor eliminate our negative habits and thought patterns that we engage in daily. We can control our priorities and eliminate the need for perfection in a not-so perfect world.

How can we learn these things? Through yoga! Through the practice of the 8-limbs of yoga, we can learn to tone and control our bodies and minds. Through sequences of poses, breathing exercises, and making time to sit in silence we learn how to move our bodies in ways that promote health and vitality, use our God-given power of breath to calm anxiety and bring clarity, and navigate the craziness that is our monkey-mind- consciously choosing what thoughts to investigate further and what thoughts do not serve us.




ย My Story and Certifications

I met my amazing husband while in Hawaii, living my very best life. I was young, carefree, and looking good. Life was so easy. After we married and The Hubs got out of the Army, we moved back to his home-state. Shortly thereafter, we got pregnant with our first kiddo- not at all our plan. I went from doing whatever I wanted, whenever I wanted and having a set plan for my future to spiraling down into a world I didn't feel equipped to be venturing into. I still felt like a child, how was I going to care for one?

Shortly after our first daughter was born (17 months to be exact) our second daughter was born. I was like "Wait... what?" I was still figuring out what to do with the first one! My husband was in the middle of changing jobs, we were living with his parents, its was all a mess. After a while, I started to struggle with my identity. Sure, I was a mom to two, but was that it? The person I thought I was going to become went flying out the window when a pink plus sign appeared on a plastic stick. I was totally lost.

I turned to the one thing that I had brought with me from my time in paradise... yoga.
Practicing poses on my mat was a great way to workout, lose baby-weight, and relieve stress. I got a part-time job and felt... okay.

We decided to get pregnant with our third and last kiddo. Ended up pregnant with a boy to finally finish our family. This baby came with some complications, bed-rest, and time away from my girls (since bed-rest with two toddlers is impossible). My emotions were at an all-time high- probably had something to do with being in pre-term labor for the last two months of pregnancy.

After my sweet baby boy was born, I fell... deep, into Postpartum Depression. I was a shell of myself-the okay self I had conjured up after losing myself to two unplanned girls. After struggling alone, I finally sought help. Then I turned, once again, to yoga.

I was dedicated to getting on my mat at least 3 days a week. I followed the best teachers on YouTube, researched poses and alignment until my eyes hurt. After having done yoga on and off for a few years and struggling to make my practice consistent, I decided to dive into the entrie lifestyle with both feet in attempt to regain my sanity. Here I am 3 years later, as a certified Yoga Teacher, and Mama Bear Yogini!


  • Certified Nutritious Life Health Coach
  • 200HR YTT Certified
  • 300HR Yoga Psychology Training

Yoga Magic

What is 'yoga magic' you may be wondering? Am I really sitting there reciting spells and trying to make potions?

Well, yes and no.

I do recite sanskrit mantras when I meditate and sometimes while on my mat going through poses. I do mix essential oil blends in an attempt to bring some natural wellness into mine and my family's life. I do sit around and practice breathing exercises to change my mental state and bring clarity to my monkey mind. I sit in silence on a meditation pillow every.single.day. I listen to Kirtan Chanting playlists on Spotify to bring joy to my soul and use sound to heal me.

These are kinds of yoga magic- and more, I haven't even mentioned Chakras yet- I want to help you embrace and use in your life to find some ease through stress, bring you clarity of mind, and help you feel amazing in your body, mind, and soul.

Don't let the magic part throw you off, I am a devout Christian who attends church and has an amazing faith in God and Jesus as my savior. I have actually grown closer to God and more faithful in my spirituality through my practice of yoga and all of the different kinds of Yoga Magic I like to use in my everyday life.

Where could your life use a little magic?

Read some inspiring words of wisdom, flow with me from the comfort of your own home, or chat about how we can work together directly to uncover the vibrant soul you are inside!

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