10 Reasons why I l-o-v-e LOVE yoga!

When I started doing yoga (probably 2 years ago) I was looking for an easy way to work out. I knew it would help with flexibility and I knew I’d be able to learn how to do some super cool poses.

Boy did I underestimate what yoga was all about!!

Let me go ahead and just say, I am no professional. I’m not a licensed teacher (even though that is a goal of mine for the future), or a doctor or an athletic trainer. I’m just your average- everyday mom who has decided to spend the little bit of spare time I have during the day doing yoga. That being said, I am someone who is on their very own amazing journey. I turn to yoga for exercise, stress relief, another way to deepen my spirituality, and- what I have learned is the most important thing- another way to get a deeper look into myself.

Yoga is an amazing way to get in-tune with your body and soul. Its way more than just poses.

Here are the reasons why I love yoga, and why I am so motivated and determined to make it a huge part of my life, and to share that love with all of you!!

  1. Low Impact- 
    • One of  the most obvious reasons people turn to yoga, myself included, is it’s a low impact exercise. There is not a high level of stress on any part of the body for a long period of time. Some people don’t run because of their knees or lift weights because of their shoulders. Yoga can actually help these ailments- more on that further down in the list. ?
  2. Minimal Equipment Needed-
    • It’s true that using an actual yoga mat is very highly recommended to avoid slipping, other than that there isn’t very much you need to do yoga. No weights, you use your own body weight. No bikes, no balls (unless you chose to do yoga ball practices, same with chairs), etc. All you need is you and your mat, and of course water. Even if you need props for modifications, you don’t need anything expensive and you can actually just use things from around your house (I will do a whole other post about this *hint hint* ?)
  3. Stress Relief-
    • As a mom of 3, all under 5, you can imagine life gets stressful! I am constantly dealing with huge catastrophes (at least in the eyes of toddlers), wiping poop off of people, and catering to a million demands. Its so nice to have something to turn to during the few moments I get to myself that not only is a good workout but, helps me center myself, lets focus on me for a second, breeeeeaaathe, and makes me feel absolutely amazing when I am finished. Throw in a good mantra or two, and I finish my practice feeling on top of the world and ready to take on the day!
  4. Helps to Fight Depression and Anxiety-
    • After giving birth to my third child, I really struggled with Postpartum Depression (PPD). It was a very hard transition going from two kids to three. A HUGE transition really. After I was cleared to start exercising again, I got right back into yoga and it helped tremendously (throw in being able to drink wine again, yessss!) There have actually been studies done and brain scans show that people who practice yoga have higher levels of the neurotransmitter GABA, which is linked to depression and anxiety in low levels.
  5. Increased Flexibility-
    • Lets be serious, who doesn’t want to be able to move and bend easier? Yoga is really a series of stretches which help ease and release tension, which helps flexibility. With yoga sequences targeting many different areas, your body as a whole becomes more flexible over time. You can bend and come back up easier, squat a bit deeper, and just overall move a bit better!
  6. SLEEP-
    • There are yoga sequences that help relax your mind and body and will help you sleep better at night… Need I say more???
  7. Burn Calories and Boosts Metabolism-
    • Using your own body weight while exercising helps to burn calories and fat, and actually keeps burning them for a little while even after your workout is over! It also activates a part of the nervous system (parasympathetic) that accelerates your metabolism, which also kicks up the burning of calories.
  8. Alleviates Aches and Pains in the Body-
    • Yoga sequences work so many different muscles, stretching and also strengthening, that it can actually help people with chronic pain. There are even specific poses that target certain areas, so by just doing a few certain poses you can help with back pain, hip pain, etc. While it might not always be right to totally forego physical therapy if needed, yoga can certainly help in cases that don’t require that, or be a great add on to PT. Of course, always consult your doctor!
  9. Meditation-
    • Yoga is a great form of meditation. By breathing with your movements, you are clearing your mind and focusing more on your body and its movements. This way of bringing your mind inward is a great way to meditate, which is proven to be great for your mind! A way to workout AND help you be an overall happier person? Yeah, that’s something I am totally down with!

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  1. Community-
    • Along with being so great at strengthening the body and mind, the yoga community is a very supportive and uplifting group to be a part of. Yogis are all about helping to empower each other, helping other on their journey is also helpful to our own individual journeys! There is no competition. There is no comparing.

I hope you all don’t mind my long drawn out post, but I really felt compelled to share with you why I am so passionate about Yoga! It has changed my life in so many ways. I am a better mom, wife, community member, and overall person. I  want to share my journey with you in hopes that it will help you either begin your own journey or just help you along the way. Sometimes it can be intimidating coming from people you cant connect with. I am just your average, everyday mom, who has a deep passion to share. I thank you for taking the time to read this and I hope you tune in for more!


5 thoughts on “10 Reasons why I l-o-v-e LOVE yoga!”

    1. That’s one thing that’s so great about yoga, you can always go back and start back up no matter how long it’s been. It might not be where you were before right away, but there is something for everyone at every level! Get back on that mat! You will be SO glad you did!!
      Namaste! ??❤️

  1. I love the sense of community and as a runner and cyclist I really value the increase flexibility great for injury prevention.

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